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It’s a DREAM come true; it feels incredible to pen down the ModernAlgos Journey. It has been a roller coaster ride, been through many ups and downs in the last 4 ½ years. It feels fantastic because it all began, when I was in school and one day, I saw a Dividend Cheque in the name of my Retired Grand Father coming to my Native Place, a small town in Rajasthan and somehow, it persisted in me for a very long time and destiny brought me to the financial world.

Cut to ModernAlgos idea conceptualization, it all started when I was running a Broking Firm, got a chance to interact with many Retail Traders/Investors, and always felt a need for an end-to-end integrated platform without any Segment bias; so the seed of the idea, really came into reality when I did a Business Trip to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; met more than 100 individuals – SubBrokers/Authorised Person/HNI/Retail Participants and there was one common take away – was to build a One Stop Automated Platform covering all the Segments in the Capital Market. That’s how the ModernAlgos Journey saw some light and it started shaping up, long way to go as we still have many ideas/feedback from users – and they are keeping us motivated to continuously improve and build more features at ModernAlgos.

What do we do at ModernAlgos?

Modern Algos Private Limited is a SEBI registered Research Analyst (SEBI Regn No: INH200009935), which engages in developing various models and methods of Trading and Investment Products for Retail Users. The development of strategies is driven by qualified professionals through years of experience in devising tools and methods of trading. Strategies are built on delayed data for Derivative Segment Recommendations and on robust EOD data for Equity Segment Recommendations using robust quantitative and technical analytics supported by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence with an efficient order management system. Modern Algos evolves strategies with proper backtesting, simulations, and live testing before the launch of any strategy for the end client.

What are we doing differently?

  • ModernAlgos is a unique placement in the FinTech world, covering all the segments under one umbrella (Equity; ShortTerm|LongTerm|Option|Strategies|Algo Trading|Scanners|LiveDashboards|Tools like Option Chain, Margin Calculator, etc.)
  • Enabling users to access various scanners both Equity and Options Segment, introducing them to the power of Informed Decision
  • Supplying the various Strike Combination for the Market Neutral and Market Directional Strategies
  • Providing the Tools to Visualize before execution in the Live Market
  • Find a Strategy – Paper Test – Analyze – Live Deployment – Live Tracking
  • Robust Exit Management with Automation

How is Modern Algos different from others?

  • No bias toward Market Segments
  • No bias towards Market Participants (Can be used by Investor both Active/Passive and Traders or Option Strategists)
  • No bias towards Market Direction, all strategies are adaptive and variable to a market move
  • Automate a Strategy on a Click
  • Automated Tracking and Exit
  • Automated Market Scanners, keep you ahead in the Market

Our Secret

ModernAlgos – One Stop Automation Platform, as the name suggests – we’ve been working immensely hard to make execution seamless and flawless, saving a lot of money in Slippages and at the same time providing all the informed decision on all the segments to reduce your time for the decision making, combination of both shall help you to maximize your returns and we are focused towards achieving the same.

About the Author

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Sanjay Kumar Baid

Founder and CEO, ModernAlgos


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